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Buy more t shirt : Of mens t shirts

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buy more t shirt - Freddy vs.

Freddy vs. Jason (New Line Platinum Series)

Freddy vs. Jason (New Line Platinum Series)

It's the battle everyone's been DYING to see! Teenagers find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between two legendary boogeymen: Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Who will win in the bloodiest and goriest showdown in history?
DVD Features:
3D Animated Menus
Alternate endings:Alternate opening and Ending
Audio Commentary:Commentary with Director Ronny Yu, Actors Robert Englund (FREDDY) & Ken Kirzinger (JASON)
Comparison Scenes
DVD ROM Features
Deleted Scenes:18 Deleted Scenes with optional commentary from Director Ronnie Yu and Executive Producer Douglas Curtis
Documentaries:--Behind the scenes coverage of the films development - including screenwriting, set design, make up, stunts and principle photography --Visual effects exploration
Full Screen Version:Both fullscreen and Widescreen on one disc
Music Video:Ill Nino "How Can I Live"
TV Spot:Lots of TV spots
Theatrical Trailer

After 11 years in development hell and screenplay drafts by 13 different writers, the long-awaited smackdown of Freddy vs. Jason finally arrives. After making their respective debuts in Friday the 13th (1980) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), the hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger, replacing long-time Jason performer Kane Hodder) and razor-gloved Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) square off in a slasher-franchise combo-deal that only their most devoted fans will appreciate; turns out this is a lightweight match in which nobody wins. It's an average entry in the histories of these horror icons, comparable to half of their previous sequels, and Bride of Chucky director Ronny Yu satisfies purists with plenty of gushing blood and mayhem when Freddy recruits Jason to slice 'n' dice the ill-fated teens who've forgotten Freddy's once-formidable reign of terror. While it logically connects the gruesome legacies of Nightmare's Elm Street and Friday's Camp Crystal Lake, this horror hybrid is shockingly uninspired. It briefly peaks when Freddy gives the unconscious Jason a dream-world pummeling, but their ultimate showdown's a draw. In the immortal words of Peggy Lee, is that all there is? --Jeff Shannon

76% (9)

Lucky Cat T-Shirt

Lucky Cat T-Shirt

Sublime Stitching's Lucky cat pattern embroidered onto the left shoulder of a grey t-shirt. This was the last of my old plain t-shirts to under go embroidery - must buy more! The cat is relly sweet but i think i should have used more filling stitches to bring out his golden colour.

Nightowl T-shirts

Nightowl T-shirts

More handpainted male and female Nightowl t-shirts will soon be available to buy.... designs include 'Robot Monsters', 'Mr. Moostashio' (with glow in the dark star top hat detail), Geometric Patterns, and 'The Man Owl'.

buy more t shirt

buy more t shirt

Contemporary Dyecraft: Over 50 Tie-dye Projects for Scarves, Dresses, T-shirts and More

More than 50 stylish projects using the traditional tie-dye method.
Tie-dye is an easy, rewarding and affordable craft that can turn silks, cottons and simple ready-made garments into dramatic fashion statements. Author Melanie Brummer is an expert at reviving clothes, linens and draperies with this creative craft skill.
Contemporary Dyecraft features more than 50 resist-dyeing projects that are easy to do and yield beautiful one-of-a-kind results. Methods used are bucket-dyeing, dip dyeing and dyeing in a washing machine. The book begins with an introduction to suitable fabrics, types of dye, paints and an explanation of resist dyeing. The required equipment is largely household items that are inexpensive and readily available.
The projects use eight dyeing styles: flat color, graded color, crazed patterns, circles, stripes and coils, geometric shapes, spirals and stitched patterns. The materials lists are minimal, such as fabric, string or rubber bands, a bucket and kettle, and the dye.
The projects are rated by degree of difficulty and include:
Skirt in a ball

Reverse camouflage T-shirt

Candy-striped silk scarf

Water fantasy silk scarf

Flowers on a shirt

Parallel-striped Madiba shirt
Contemporary Dyecraft is an excellent beginner's guide for anyone who wants to create new items or give new life to items already in their wardrobe.

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