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Tough enough to wear pink t shirt. T shirt wholesale

Tough Enough To Wear Pink T Shirt

tough enough to wear pink t shirt

tough enough to wear pink t shirt - Tough Enough

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Breast cancer Light T-Shirt by CafePress

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Breast cancer Light T-Shirt by CafePress

Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.5.6 oz. 100% cotton Standard fit Breast cancer Tee, TShirt, Shirt. About our Light T-Shirt: Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.5.6 oz. 100% cotton. Standard fit..

81% (12)

Munsters & boys & cootie shots Part 1 (5 27 9)

Munsters & boys & cootie shots Part 1 (5 27 9)

Luci Jameson lets the cloister door slam. It echoes over and over, bouncing off the stone.

Jaina Lefevre jumps at the door slam and looks around, wide-eyed. She spies Luci and frowns. "Shush. S'poseded to be /quiets/ in here!"

Luci Jameson rounds the column. Her bracelets jingle, and she grins. "Sorry." She looks the little girl over. "S'up? I'm Luci."

Jaina Lefevre hugs the doll a little closer and peers up at her. "I'm Jaina." She looks back down towards the altar and sighs. "I losted something last night at school."

Luci Jameson squats down so she's eye-level. "Heya, Jaina. Pretty name, kiddo." She looks at the altar too. "Whadja lose? Anything I can help ya look for?"

Jaina Lefevre smiles a little at the compliment and tips her head. "I dunno? It's my lucky strings. They was all twisty together and I think it broked 'cause it wasn't on my arm when I got homes."

Luci Jameson bounces a bit on her haunches. "Lucky a bracelet?"

Jaina Lefevre nods. "Uh huh." she looks at Luci's bracelets. "But it didn't jingles."

Luci Jameson lifts her arm and fiddles with her own. "Oh, but not all of these jingle, right? Check this one out." She twists a fat braided one around her arm. It's knotwork, yellows and reds and oranges done in a zigzag pattern. "I call it my fire bracelet. I made it. You like?"

Jaina Lefevre 's eyes widen as she sees the knotwork bracelet. "S'pretty!" She grins at Luci and holds out her doll. "This is Pa-fetic. Conors nameded her. She's my bestest treasure."

Luci Jameson grins up at Jaina. "I can make you one, you know. If you want. S'easy. Just tell me what colors you like and stuff. It can be lucky bracelet number 2. Next generation!" She takes the doll's hand and shakes it. "Nice to meetcha, Pa-fetic. Conor...he's one of the little dudes in Sister D's class, right?"

Jaina Lefevre nods. "I'm in Sister D's class too! And Rivers and Caty and Aya...but Caty and Aya didn't comes last night. The PIper Randulf man did though. He's got furs and a sword and he swore an oaf." She nods sagely and then moves to sit next to Luci. "Purples. And blues. And..." she stops. " pinks. I knowed I'm a girl, but my new Mommy made my room -too- pinks."

Luci Jameson flops back and props her hands on the floor. "Pink? Well, pink's not SO bad. I kinda like it sometimes." She plucks at her shirt. "Used to never wear it, but then Elise gave me this for my birthday, and she's got good taste. I came to class once, but I felt sort of stupid, you know? Oldest kid in the class." She shrugs and looks at her booted toe. "Oath. He swore an OATH. Thhhh, not fff."

Jaina Lefevre nods. "I gots pink shorts. They're nice. room. It' too much. But.." she gets excited and leans forwards. "I gots my OWN real BED! WIth blankets AND a pillow!"

Jaina Lefevre then registers the pronounciation correction and looks at her funny. "Tha's what I said. Oaf."

Luci Jameson grins again, but it's slower now. "You didn't have that before? I got one too now. Well, sorta. I share it with Whysper now, but it's cool. SHE'S cool. She's like...kinda a new little sister and stuff, you know?" Her grin spreads at *oaf.* "Sure you did, kiddo. I can't hear right. Got..." She sticks a finger in her ear and wiggles. "Monsters in my ear."

Jaina Lefevre giggles at that and then her smile fades a little. "No..munsters don't fit in ears. They kicks you in the heads and says 'boo' and stuff. Then they waits until youse is asleep and make you all shivery in your skin."

Luci Jameson's grin gets impish. "No, really! They live in your ears and eat wax and...hey, wait up." She leans in and looks carefully at Jaina. "Who kicked you in the head?"

Jaina Lefevre frowns. "That mean Soz lady. My heads all better though. My new Mommy had the duck-tors fix it." She peers up at Luci through her bangs. "Why you gots those things in your nose? Don't they hurts? If you sneeze, do they come out or get all gross and boogery?"

Luci Jameson frowns. "Did your mom find the Soz lady and kick her ass?" THAT seems the important question of the hour. Still, she grins again, and touches a fingertip to her nose. "Nose piercing. Like getting your ears pierced. You got your ears pierced yet? They don't come out. Don't get gross and boogery either, 'less I got a cold, then you want to take them out anyway 'cause it hurts to blow your nose."

Jaina Lefevre giggles. "No..not got pierceded yet. And Mommy yelled at the peoples but I think the Taitou lady is gonna beat'em up. Mommy's her boss and she's the gives orders person."

Luci Jameson looks Jaina over. She's not smiling anymore. &quo

round-up 2006

round-up 2006

wild ride...purdy ain't she..LOL better view this one large!!!!!!!!! the local hospital put on a campaign" ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK " !!! for breast cancer awareness ..." part of the proceeds went to the local breast awareness center "that is why alot of guys have pink shirts on... in case you are wondering...i will be putting on more pictures of the fun we had that day...if you have a chance to come to the Red Bluff Round Up... DO IT!!!

tough enough to wear pink t shirt

tough enough to wear pink t shirt

MTV's WWF Tough Enough - The First Season

Thirteen people chasing a dream. The Prize: a World Wrestling Federation contract. Who will survive until the end? Who is Tough Enough? Includes MTV exclusives of the cast submission tapes, the mud fight, lunch with Stephanie McMahon, yoga with Tori, dinner with Pat Patterson, conditioning, the road trip, interviews with Vince McMahon, and exclusives of WWF Superstars Triple H, Kurt Angle, the Hardy Boyz, Mick Foley, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Disc 1: Casting Special, Welcome to the Jungle, Jason Crumbles. Disc 2: If You Can't Stand the Heat, Dispatching Darryl, Tears Idle Tears, A No-Win-Ski Situation, Dropping Like Flies. Disc 3: The Vicious Circle, Timing Is Everything, The Rules of the Road, No Hill Too Tall nor Water Too Deep, That's Not the Story, The Beginning.

There are a couple of ways to look at Tough Enough, MTV and the WWF's collaborative effort to join the fantasy worlds of sports-entertainment wrestling and reality television. To cynics (and hard-core wrestling fans), this is a cheap attempt by both companies to try to capitalize on the reality-TV fad. On paper it reads like Big Brother meets Smackdown: 13 would-be wrestlers are trapped inside a house trying to pick each other off and win a guaranteed WWF contract. Meanwhile, to ensure wrestling fans will watch, a different WWF superstar (Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Hardy Boyz) pops by each episode to offer encouragement or demean their efforts. Now, wrestling fans will complain (accurately) that in no way does this resemble the path wrestlers take to make it to the WWF. These folks have been afforded luxuries that many of the viewers at home lack (nice house, free food, a hot tub, etc.). In this respect, nothing about Tough Enough is real.
However, if you're a casual fan of wrestling and are interested in how wrestlers train or would like to peak behind the "fake" curtain and see how these performers work, the show is endlessly entertaining. After a couple of episodes, the first thing that is apparent is that though the world of wrestling is "fake" entertainment, it is by no means easy. Judges are supposed to vote contestants off after each episode, but in many cases, the poor kids quit due to injury or lack of desire. As a typical MTV-style reality soap opera, the show is less successful. The focus here is on wrestling, not love affairs and petty arguments (though there are a few here and there). But if you want a small glimpse of what it takes to be a WWF superstar, this is a good place to start. --Dave McCoy

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